Carrot Health Benefits

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When looking at carrot health benefits, we can perceive that they are widely supposed to be very useful. One thing that we will note about carrots to start with, is that they have a bright orange colour. This is from beta-carotene that is transformed into vitamin A for people with bile salts in the intestines. One thing to be aware of, is that largely overeating this food can result in carotenosis where skin turns organs. It is also said that carrots have a high level of dietary fibre, as well as antioxidants and also minerals.

Looking further at carrot health benefits, it is said, that having a lack of vitamin A can result in a diminishing of vision, which would also include night vision and also, that vision can be resolved through adding this nutrient again into one’s diet. It is reported to be an “urban legend” that by eating a large amount of carrots, that one could see in darkness. This is reported to be from World War II, where British gunners were able to down German planes in darkness at night. Supposedly this was an intentional ruse by the RAF to try and mask the discovery of radar instruments for fighting the enemy – moreover, they had adopted the use of “red light” which would not stop night vision, for aircraft instruments. As a result of this rumour the Germans’ folklore was reinforced and also Britons who wanted to improve their vision at the times of blackouts grew and ate the vegetable. Furthermore, it is said that ethnomedically the roots of carrots are used in order to treat problems of digestion, intestinal parasites and also tonsillitis as well as constipation.

When considering how to consume this food, we can see that it can be eaten in different ways. First of all, it is claimed that for beta-carotene 3% is given during digestion – however, it is reported that 39% is got from pulping, or also cooking and also adding cooking oil. Of note, is that the “greens” are said to also be edible by being used as a leaf vegetable, however this might not be eaten that often by people. A well known food is carrot cake and also it is reported that after the late 1980s, baby or mini carrots have been used as a popular snack food from supermarkets. In addition carrot juice is asserted to be a widely known “health drink” that can be served either on its own or also blended with vegetables/fruit.

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