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My Review of (and Discount Code)

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I’m really annoyed with myself for not keeping up with exercising at the gym. I was going faithfully every other day last year until I moved to a different area. I’ve decided that I want to start back up again which means I need to get all the necessary protein powders to make sure I have enough energy to get me through a workout.

The problem with most shops selling protein powders is that 1) you are paying for brand names, 2) they come with horrible artificial flavours which make me want to gag and 3) you can’t buy smaller quantities to see if you like it.

This is where comes in. What I like about them is:-

  1. You can buy the powders in plastic bags or in containers. The more you buy the cheaper it becomes.
  2. The powders are unflavoured but can you order different flavours if you want. Personally I just add in Nesquick to my protein shakes.
  3. If you have special dietary requirements such as being vegan or kosher then just look out for the symbols. Besides the usual whey and egg they also have hemp, pea and brown rice.
  4. You can customize your own formulas, they’ll do all the mixing for you free of charge. Taking protein from different sources is a good idea because each type of protein is used by your body slightly differently. For instance whey protein is used by the body very quickly but then your body runs out after 2 hours. Egg protein on the other hand is absorbed more slowly. By taking a blend of the two, your body is effectively getting a timed-release of protein.
  5. They have a rewards scheme. If you use discount code MP8745 then you’ll get 5% off your first order and I’ll get that amount to spend on my next order.
  6. See what other people think of the products. You can vote on the taste and mixability of each powder plus you can leave a comment. There’s also a forum for asking questions.
  7. They have a really good selection of other supplements such as carbohydrates, vitamins and digestive enzymes. Plus there’s also products such as weight lifting gloves and shake mixers.

The only thing I would like to see different about the site is that when viewing each category you don’t know if the item is in stock until you click on the product for more details. I found that a couple of items I wanted to buy were actually out of stock which was a bit annoying.

Apart from that, if you live in the UK and are looking for a good source of protein powder, vitamins etc I really recommend just remember to use discount code MP8745 🙂

Soy Protein and Your Skin, Hair and Nails

Many people are resigned to fact that wrinkled skin comes hand-in-hand with old age. One of the major problems with aging skin is that your body’s production of collagen declines. It’s not just aging which causes this but also diet, menopause symptoms, sunlight, smoking and stress.

So What can You do to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy?

First of all, protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Make sure you use a high sun factor and use fake tan instead of sunbathing. Secondly, if you’re a smoker you must stop now. You don’t need me to tell you why smoking is bad for your health, I’m sure you already know. Thirdly, you need to improve your diet. You should be eating plenty of good quality protein and antioxidant-rich foods. This will give your body the nutrients it needs for building and repairing you cells.

Is Soy a Good Source of Protein and Antioxidants?

According to studies it would seem that soy is an indeed an ideal source of protein and antioxidants. You can take soy internally to benefit your general health as well as applying it directly to your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Revival Soy who sell a number of soy products did a survey of 40 postmenopausal women of ages 50-65, to find out what the real benefits of soy are when taken over a six-month period. Some of the women took 20g of soy whilst the others didn’t take any.

Skin – 93% of those taking the soy found that skin discoloration and flaking reduced after only 3 months, whilst wrinkles improved after 6 months.

Nails – Improvements in nail quality took longer to be noticeable. After 3 months no improvements were experienced however after 6 months ridging, nail roughness, splitting and flaking were greatly reduced.

Hair – Hair quality was greatly improved after 3 months with continued benefits experienced after 6 months.

It would seem that soy taken as part of your healthy diet will help with not only your skin but also hair and nails. Although benefits are evident within 3 months, you should continue taking soy for 6 months to really see what it can do for your body.