Yoga Therapy

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Yoga is quite simply the most powerful system of overall health and well-being. The practice of yoga involves reducing stress, increasing flexibility, improving balance, promoting strength, heightening cardiovascular conditioning, lowering blood pressure, reducing weight, strengthening bones, preventing injuries, lifting mood, improving immune function, increasing oxygen  supply to the tissues, heightening sexual functioning and fulfillment, fostering psychological equanimity and promoting spiritual well-being.

In yoga, you do your spiritual work and it affects the body. You stretch and strengthen the muscles and that affects circulation, digestion and breathing. Yoga says that if you look clearly you will see that everything about you is connected to everything else. From a therapeutic standpoint, this provides the insight that you improve the functioning of any one organ or system by trying to improve them all.

Yoga appears to be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of health conditions. Nevertheless, I have noticed in my experience teaching yoga that the general public has very little conception of what yoga has to offer. Part of the problem is that many people who would benefit from yoga shy away from it due to misconceptions about what it is, who can do it and who shouldn’t. So, before you decide to write off yoga therapy as being out of the scope of your body’s capabilities, please take a minute to see and experience for yourself how yoga can be therapeutically practiced by any body.

My name is Jessica, with Yoga for Every Body, and I am a YogaFit® trained instructor who is currently studying yoga therapy. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge of yoga therapy with the world; thus I have created my own YouTube channel, where I post daily videos with the intention of educating the general public on the therapeutic benefits of yoga, offering modifications to traditional hatha yoga poses that will ensure that the practice of yoga is accessible and beneficial for every body, regardless of one’s age, experience, and/or mobility level. Please consider adding yoga to your daily routine, with the intention of restoring your body back to its optimal state of health and wellness.

Use yoga therapy to treat stress

Use yoga therapy to treat back pain.

Onion Health Benefits

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Onion health benefits have been said to be wide-ranging. These have been asserted to help for the common cold, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and also other diseases as well. Onions are said to have compounds which are helpful for anti-inflammation, also anticholesterol, furthermore, anticancerous and additionally antioxidant function – for instance quercetin. Moreover, it is said that initial examination has indicated that onions help to limit the danger of head and also neck cancers. Of note, is that Asian white onions are said to be the most irritating to eyes. However, it is said that regular use of this when eaten raw apparently is helpful due to its antioxidant and ant-inflammatory features. It is asserted that in multiple locations around the globe, onions are meant to be helpful for healing blisters and also boils. Furthermore, from Malta, there is a traditional remedy in relation to sea urchin wounds which involves tying a half of a baked onion overnight to the affected area. This is supposedly also similar for Bulgaria – here onion that is half-baked and also with sugar is put over fingers and fingernails where there is inflammation.

Moreover, it is said that by putting on raw onion, that can help with reducing bee stings. It is reported, that in the US products with onion extract may help with topical scars – some studies said this was not effective, whilst others may have some supporting information. It is said that onions might be helpful for women who could have a greater danger of osteoporosis during menopause. It has been asserted by an American chemist that pleimeric chemicals in this food have the possibility to help alleviate or also to prevent getting a sore throat. It is also asserted that onions used along with jaggery in India have been a traditional household remedy in relation to sore throats.

Looking further at onion health benefits, it is stated that shallots can have most phenols – which are 6x that found in Vidalia onion which is said to have the lowest amount. It is also reported that shallots have most antioxidant activity. Furthermore, it is said that Western Yellow onions have most flavanoids and are 11x for Western White which has the least. In relation to all different varieties of onions, when they have a greater amount of phenols and flavanoids, they are subsequently said to have more ability in relation to antioxidant plus anticancer capacity. In testing against liver plus colon cancer cells, it was said that Western Yellow along with pungent yellow and also shallots had the most effect for preventing growth. Moreover, those with lesser taste had less ability. It was said that generally speaking, more pungent onions had numerous more times effectiveness compared to milder varieties. Something that you can be aware of, is that it is asserted that cooking onions will be able to absorb apple and pear odours – also, it is said that if they are stored with vegetables, that they can draw moisture from them. Having noted that onions might have a benefit for humans, it is said that they can be deadly in their effect for both cats and dogs.