Is Watercress Good For You?

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Is watercress good for you? This interesting food is said to have large amounts of calcium, folic acid and iron as well as having vitamins A and C. It may interest you to know that in some areas this food is thought of as a weed and in other areas as an aquatic vegetable/herb. One thing that growers could be aware of is that it observed that when watercress is grown around manure, that it can make a haven to parasites, for example the liver fluke.

In relation to the actual benefits of watercress, it is said that there are many, for instance it is a stimulant, as well as being a source for phytochemicals and also antioxidants. Moreover, it is a diuretic, as well as an expectorant, and also a digestive aid in addition. Furthermore, it is asserted that this food has antiangiogenic cancer-inhibiting features, that are thought to protect against cancer of the lungs. In 2010, there was a study done by Southampton University, that learned that by consuming watercress that it inhibited breast cancer growth.

Moreover, watercress’ PEPITC content is said to inhibit HIF, which can thence inhibit angiogenesis in addition. Watercress is asserted to have a high iodine content, which is said to thus be beneficial for the thyroid gland and therefore helpful to people with hypothyroidism. In addition to all this information we have seen when considering the question regarding: “Is watercress good for you?”, that this food is said to be known as inhibiting cytochrome P45 CYP2E1, that can eventuate different drug metabolism with individuals, who are taking a variety of medications such as chlorzoxazone.



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