Health Benefits Of Kale

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When thinking about the health benefits of kale, we can see initially that this food is a form of cabbage which can be green or purple where the leaves in the center do not make a head. In fact, it is said to be closer in relation to wild cabbage rather than mostly other domesticated forms. Kale can be used in various different ways. These can include for example in the Netherlands being used in a winter dish. Moreover, for example in the country of Ireland, it is used to make the traditional colcannon. In countries like China, Taiwan and Vietnam, it is often stir-fried and used with beef. As regards the different type of kale that can be found, these include types such as plain leaved kale and Tuscan kale. One interesting feature of kale is that it can grow a lot into winter.

Looking at the specific nutrients of this food in regard to the health benefits of kale, we can see that it is reported to be very high in beta carotene, as well as Vitamin K and C, furthermore lutein, additionally zeaxanthin and moreover it is said to be a reasonable resource of calcium. Similar to foods such as broccoli and different brassicas, this vegetable is said to contain sulforaphane which is especially so when either chopped or otherwise minced and this chemical is said to have strong anti-cancer properties. It is reported that boiling of the vegetable can decrease the amount of sulforaphane – however, it is also said that by steaming or microwaving and also stir frying, these actions may not have a large result. It is stated that similar to other brassica foods, kale is a source of indole-3-carbinol. This is said to be a chemical that can assist DNA repair for cells and that may also assist in the blocking of cancer cells. Moreover, kale is said to provide a useful amount of carotenoids. Additionally, it is said that in Japan kale juice is used as a popular dietary supplement.



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