In the UK 8 older people will die every hour due to the cold

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Startling statistic isn’t it? Our governments are so concerned about the threat of terrorist attacks yet very little attention is given to the fact that the cold kills more people than Al Qaeda could ever dream of.

It’s not just elderly people that should be aware of cold winters. When we moved into our house this time last year I’m surprised none of us suffered from pneumonia. The heating wouldn’t work properly, the house had very little insulation and the windows were very drafty. I’m not sure what the exact temperature was but put it this way, ice cubes didn’t melt at “room temperature.”

Even if you have a well-insulated home you never know when your heating system will break down. And if it does break down and you phone an engineer, chances are they’re going to be very busy or charge you a fortune.

By owning a portable heater you can bring them out for use in emergencies or to supplement your existing heating system. You can even take them places that don’t have heating such as your garage.

A couple of years ago my manager’s heating system broke down and she had trouble getting some one out to repair it. If she had a portable heater things would have been a lot more comfortable for her family.


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