Health Benefit Of Lemon

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One of the most noticeable fruits that one could find on western supermarket shelves is the ubiquitous lemon. From the one hand, we know that it has potent cleansing properties – on the other hand, due to its ability to be sharp in taste, many will avoid it – so how can this well known fruit act as a natural health remedy – what is the health benefit of lemon fruit? Lemons are very useful foods for nutrition and general health. First of all, we can look at their nutritional content. Most people who have heard about lemons will know that they are reported to have a high amount of vitamin C, such as also other fruits in the citrus fruit group. It is said that a lemon fruit will typically give around 3 tablespoons of juice and that it can be noted that by allowing them to come to room temperature that can allow for them to be squeezed more easily – also if they are unrefrigerated for extended periods they may develop mold.

In terms of the amount of vitamin C that they can give, it is said that from 100g (excluding peel), they provide 64% of the required amount for daily living. They can also provide fairly small amounts of vitamin B6 (6%) and iron (5%). Additionally, they provide smaller RDAs of other nutrients such as calcium, pantothenic acid (B5) and in terms of their food preserving qualities, the juice can be used as a short-term food preservative. As regards the amount of calories that they provide, per 100g, it can be 29 kcal.

In relation to the health benefit of lemon fruit, the d-limonene in lemon oil can be used as a nontoxic insecticide. As regards aromatherapy, there was a comprehensive scientific study done by Ohio State which showed that the aroma of lemon oil from aromatherapy did not influence the human immune system – however, it could be said to enhance mood. Moreover, due to the low pH level of lemon juice, this can be used as an antibacterial.



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