Nutritional Value Of Spinach

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When considering the nutritional value of spinach, we can observe that this food has been popularised in being very healthy by “Popeye” in popular media.Looking generally at this food, we can glean that it is said to be high nutritionally and especially so for antioxidants – it is asserted to be more so when either fresh, steamed or also quickly boiled. Moreover, this food is stated to be valuable for vitamin A (especially lutein), plus also vitamins C, E, K and also for magnesium, moreover manganese and also folate. Furthermore there is betaine as well as iron, B2 vitamin, calcium and a range of other nutrients as well. It has been also said that recently opioid peptides which as also called rubiscolins were sourced also in spinach. A warning is given that by boiling spinach, this could greater than half lower the folate level.

Looking in more detail at the iron content of this food in relation to the nutritional value of spinach, along with other green leafy vegetables it is said to be valuable. Furthermore, the USDA says that 180g of this food will give 6.43 mg, whilst a 170g hamburger patty will give a lower amount at 4.42 mg for the most. Moreover, it is said that all iron in grains and vegetables is nonheme iron, relative to ¾ in animal food sources. It is asserted that the body’s capacity to absorb noniron can be helped through eating foods high in vitamin C. Furthermore, analysing calcium in more detail, we are informed that this food is the lowest bioavaialabe of calcium sources. Moreover, it is stated that people can take in about 50% of calcium in broccoli, whist that amount is only 5% for spinach.



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