Strawberry Health Benefit

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Undoubtedly one of the most popular fruits for many is the strawberry and it can be consumed in dairy products and other forms. So, how can this popular and well known fruit be used as a natural health remedy to assist with your nutritional requirements? One thing that might be of interest to you in relation to the strawberry health benefit, is that strawberries have been reported to contain “fisetin” which is an antioxidant that has been looked at in regards to Alheimer’s and also to failure of kidneys from diabetes.

In regards to its nutritional content, we can see that again it has been reported that this fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. For example, one cup or 144g is reported to give 82 mg of this vitamin. Furthermore, we are told that it provides various amounts of amino acids such as for example giving 0.01g of tryptophan and 0.20g of aspartic acid. One thing to be aware of, is that if you decide to cook the strawberries before eating them, this will to a larger or smaller degree degrade nutritional elements that could be taken in more readily raw.

Strawberries have been said to be an excellent source of flavanoids and also to contain minerals such as calcium and potassium as well as numerous other vitamins – of course to get the best intake of fruits and vitamins it would be good to have a balanced diet of fruit not just concentrating on this one – nevertheless from their alluring bright red colour we can see the fruit sending out a message that they are packed with healthy nutrition and the taste of them confirms that indication.

One other thing that could be considered in relation to the strawberry health benefit is that some strawberries might have pesticide on them to protect against bugs that eat them and therefore you might consider eating them organically – an advantage also of fruits such as strawberries for countries like England where there are popularly grown is that you can easily go and pick them yourself in farms offering this service other than fruits such as watermelons etc., which would be not so easy to do – however you would need to see if a particular farm was more or less organic etc..



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