How to Save a Fortune on Cellulite Treatment

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All this week GMTV have been testing out various different cellulite treatments. The cellulite industry is huge with many companies keen to cash in but this particular treatment just about floored me.

Let Me Introduce to You the Power Plate

The Power Plate is a machine with a vibrating surface and is used by many athletes to improve strength, flexibility and bone density amongst other things. I personally haven’t used it as I was never given the training but my mum has. At my old gym anyone could use it for as long or as often as you wished.

What I found amazing was that GMTV were talking about the machine purely as a cellulite-busting technique. Can you guess how much they said each treatment costs? £20 (aprox $40) for a 25 minute session, suggesting that 3 treatments per week are needed. That’s £60 a week or £240 a month!

How much did my gym membership cost me per month? Just under £30, giving you a £210 saving.

I guess some people just have more money than sense.



  1. GMTV are quoting the highest London prices. Our Tan Studio in Blackoool has a Toning Plate Room and I charge £4 for ten minutes I wouldn`t dream of ripping people off for £20. Therefore go to the gym for one hour in the company of people who make you feel concious and uncomfortable or spend £12 per week / £48 per month hiring your own toning plate room for ten minute sessions.

  2. PS

    Twenty five minute plus sessions are not advised. GMTV would be quoting this on the lowest setting. Ten minutes is the norm at a moderate setting.