Neti Pot: Sinus Pressure Relief

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Neti pot already had a moment of greatness. Let me explain. From this article it is possible to see that neti pots for sinus infections is the way forward. I am so pumped. I must touch upon one point about that. It is there already. You are facing nasal cleansing that can come from many angles. That’s my motto. I speak with reverence of neti pot. I don’t know what to think.  You can have a hands off approach to that. Well, of course that would be silly.  I feel we didn’t do enough about neti pot salt. Laughter is the best medicine, but not so useful for sinus congestion.

But of it is different in other parts of the world. I look forward to using this excellent resource to help others. Try it and see what happens: It is a good time to forget about this. Sinus infections are utilized with nasal cleansing . Nothing I have done in this business has worked this well.

If I could go back and choose a different sinus infection treatment, I wouldn’t.  I think we all didn’t have an understanding of neti pots until now.  I hope this post has cleared up that issue. You are in favor of neti pots? I hope so.

What would you add? Give credit where credit is due.   I used to be skeptical about this method. Eliminating sinus pressure is a big step forward. With that said, this is the very definition of sinus infection treatment.

I’ve been sneezing quite a bit lately and I think it’s due to the fact that our house is going through major work. There’s no escaping the dust in our house and we’re not even close to finishing.

I’d seen the technique of using a Neti pot in a yoga book some years ago so I decided that this is what I need to cleanse my nasal passages.

What is a Neti Pot?

Neti pots come in a variety of styles, ones pictured above is the type that I bought as it is made of plastic which means it wont break or discolour. You fill it up with lukewarm water (I used 50% boiling, 50% cold) plus a scoop of Neti Pot Salt.

You then have to pour the water into one nostril at a time to irrigate your sinuses. When the hairs in your nose, know as “cillia”, become clogged with dust and pollen your body can normally remove them by sneezing or by blowing your nose. Over time however it may be necessary to give your body a helping hand by using a Neti pot.

A lot of people are put off at the thought of running water through their nose but I’ve found that it’s actually OK. As long as you make sure to use lukewarm water and to keep your chin in to prevent water going down your throat. I’ve noticed that after using it I’ve been blowing my nose a lot which is probably something to do with my body getting rid all the dust clogged up there.

Sinus congestion can be a real pain for those who suffer from it. Some have to cope with block sinuses on a daily basis whilst others only become aflicted by it during certain times of the year. Don’t suffer from this condition without making some attempts to remedy your blocked nose. You might want to try using a neti pot to get rid of your sinus conjetion on you might want to look at other techniques.



  1. Hi April

    I am glad you found out about using the neti pot for clearing the sinuses. I have been using it for a few years now and it works wonders. It can also help with headaches, and hay fever.

  2. Opal Tribble says:

    Although I don’t have a sinus problem I’ve used it to try it out. That was about ten years ago. It’s a great product a few of my friends, who suffer from allergies, use it daily.

    One of them doesn’t suffer from allergies anymore since they switched to an all raw diet.

  3. April says:

    I’m still getting the hang of it. You’ve got to make sure that you’re tilting your head at the correct angle etc. I don’t seem to be blowing my nose so much after using it now. Not sure if that means anything or not.

  4. ROG says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve tried it in the past, with some success.

  5. Hi April,
    My husband and I both use a neti pot for sinus problems, and it does help. We just use salt water but I read some people add drops of essential oil to the water also.

    I found your wonderful blog through Vegan Momma’s Movers and Shakers — I am one of the other blogs she so kindly featured.

  6. Jaya says:

    Yes, I’ve used a neti pot, usually if I’m experiencing some sort of sinus problem.
    I think it is very helpful. I tend to
    forget about using it, but I think it
    would be good to do on a regular basis.
    And reading this post has reminded me,
    so I’ll go use it now. Thanks!

  7. Twinmomred2 says:

    I bought a Neti pot about 3 months ago and was planning on using it to alleviate my allergies which are a nightmare year round. I was too wimpy to try it until today when I felt that tickle in my throat that always signifies the beginning of a cold. It really helped! I could breathe better than I have in years! The only problem is the relief only lasted about 4 hours. Now my nose/sinuses are stuffy again. How often per day can I use it during a head cold? I don’t want to further irritate my nose by doing it too much……help please.

  8. April says:


    As far as I know you can use it quite a few times per day. As long as you are using luke-warm water with salt you shouldn’t do yourself any damage.

    In some cultures using a neti pot is like brushing your teeth. They do it every day.

  9. infinity says:

    I find that the sinus rinse helps to clear my nose before i use a nose spray, but i haven’t found the effects long lasting. My ENT said i needed to use it 4 times a day to increase the humidity in my nose to prevent iritation.
    What i was wondering was if anyone had the same problem with water running out of there nose at odd times the rest of the day?? i always drain water out of my nose after i am done with the rinse but that never seems to help. also has anyone had problems with doing the rinse before bed and then having the salt water run down thier throat??
    i guess i have had mixed results with sinus rinses.

  10. Ev says:

    I keep my neti pot in my bathroom right next to my toothbrush. In fact, I have a neti pot in every bathroom in my house! I suffer from dust allergies and the neti pot does a wonderful job of cleaning out the possible allergens. I also have plant allergies in the spring and fall, and have found that since I started using the neti pot, I suffer from that a lot less.

    If you blow your nose really well (not hard, but well) after using the pot, you shouldn’t have the watr dripping problem.

  11. JEEVAN SINGH says:


  12. narmadha says:

    Just sinofresh nasal spray works like any netipot and creates no pain when used. Visit for trial pack

  13. Sam Rydhan says:

    Hello There,

    I have also used Sinofresh. It may be a good alternative if Neti Pot doesn’t work for you. This product was introduced to me by a friend when traveling in China. Since then, I highly recommend Sinofresh to all friends who struggle with sinus headaches or infections. I also use SinoFresh for prevention – before flying, going out to public places, or if I’m around a sick person. If you already have sinus congestion, SinoFresh will clear it out, enabling prescription nose sprays to be more effective. You can check out the site at.

  14. Great for allergies! Nose feels fresh and can breath easier afterwards!

  15. Adriene says:

    I couldn’t fund a net pot so I made one out of a pastic water bottle with drinking tip ( smart water ) I poked a small hole on the bottom for air flow . It works great and because it is clear you can watch the water level . The blue drinking tip fits very nicely in your nostril . My husband and I have only been flushing for about a week but in just on day we both quit snoring . I hope it will help as well with my allergies . It was so much easier to do then I thought and felt really nice . Just thought I could help anyone who had a hard time finding a pot and didn’t want order online .

  16. lori says:

    I got my neti pot from Walgreens for 7 bucks, and I have a nice head cold / with mucus and oh my it felt so great to breathe again after a week. Yeah!!