Nutrition Facts Broccoli

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When considering the nutrition facts broccoli display, you may already know that these foods have a reputation of being healthy. Perhaps when you were a young you were encouraged to eat them as part of your regular meals. So exactly what are the health benefits of these foods and how can they act to assist you in having good health in any way?

One thing that you might not know regarding broccoli, is that it is reported to have a high level of Vitamin C in addition to being high in dietary fibre as well. Moreover, it is reported that broccoli has various nutrients that have a large ability for anti-cancerous behaviour. One such example is dinndolymethane and also there is selenium as well in small amounts. As regards to the actual amounts of nutrients that broccoli can provide, with one serving, you could get 30 mg of Vitamin C. In addition, half a cup of this food will give 52 mg for Vitamin C. 3,3′-Diindolylmethane  is reported to have anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial and also anti-cancerous benefits. Moreover, it is said that broccoli has glucoraphanin which can be made into a compound that is anti-cancerous – it is reported that the benefits of broccoli are much reduced if the food is boiled. Moreover, it is said that broccoli contains indole-3-carbino, which can be beneficial for DNA repair, as well as blocking the growth of cancer cells.

It is said that steaming the food for 3 to 4 minutes is better to give anti-cancer compounds in relation to boiling which is said to lose the anti-carcinogenic compounds by around 20 to 30% after only 5 minutes, whilst after ten minutes being at 40 to 50% loss and 77% at 30 minutes – also it is said that microwaving and stir frying were not especially significant in reducing their effect on compounds. Looking further at nutrition facts broccoli is said to represent, this food has been reported to possess the most levels for carotenoids for all brassica foods and be especially rich for lutein as well as a not large amount of beta-carotene. It has been said that by eating a large amount of broccoli, that this can lower the danger from aggressive prostate cancer. Moreover, it has been said to be beneficial for preventing heart disease. One aspect of broccoli that may be negative is it is said to be associated with flatulence – one can also note that broccoli can be consumed in the form of broccoli sprouts which some people say are reasonably potent.



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