Palm Oil, Bio Fuel and Orangutans

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So far this year I’ve seen two TV shows highlighting the plight of the Orangutans due to Palm Oil plantations and Bio Fuel (which can be made from Palm Oil). What amazes me is that neither TV show explains what we are supposed to do about it. I have been looking through the ingredient list to see what foods contain palm oil and am shocked by how many there are.

I hate it when we try to do good by buying health products or turning to alternative fuels only to find that we’re actually doing more harm than good.

Some facts about Palm Oil:

  1. 1 in 10 of our foods contain Palm Oil
  2. Palm Oil plantations have doubled in the last 10 years
  3. The Orangutan could become extinct in 12 years
  4. When the peat is burnt it produces carbon emissions speeding up climate change
  5. Indonesia is the 3rd biggest producers of C02 emissions in the world

Watch the Greenpeace Film:

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Of course, not only does Palm Oil have devastating effects on the environment, it’s also very unhealthy.


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  1. Very interesting points. Natural ingredients do come from nature don’t they.

    I wonder why they can’t use the same palm tree plantations over and over instead of cutting down new habitat. Seems the industry is doing working in unsustainable ways.

    It can be done sustainably. There has to be some some certification system like is done with some wood products now!

    There is always something more to look into! That’s why man has brains I suppose. We just got to use them more !!