Pecan Nuts – Health Benefits

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Pecan nuts are said to derive their name from an Algonquian word referring to that they need a stone in order to crack them. As regards pecan nuts’ health benefits, they are said to be high in omega-6 fatty acids – however, that being said, they have approximately half that of walnuts. It is said that for women by having a diet rich with pecans that this can reduce the danger for gallstones. Moreover, it is said that pecans’ antioxidants and plants sterols assist in lower high cholesterol by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol amounts. In fact, in September 2001, the Journal of Nutrition published clinical research which stated that by consuming one handful of pecan nuts daily, that could have the same reductive effect for cholesterol levels as would regular cholesterol reducing medication. Moreover, the University of Georgia stated that pecans have plant sterols that are understood to have a cholesterol-reducing capacity. In addition to that information, it is also reported that pecans might help neurologically. It is said that by daily consumption of this food, that could slow age connected muscle nerve degeneration. This study was undertaken by the University of Massachusetts – it was published within Current Topics, Nutraceutical Research.

Looking in more detail at pecan nuts’ health benefits and the nutritional qualities of this food, we can see that per 100 g, it is possible to receive 690 kcal. Equally, if we look at carbohydrates, this gives 13.86 g, fat 71.97 g and protein 9.17 g. In relation to the vitamin content for this food, we can view that B1 is provided at 0.66 mg or 57% of the US RDA, B2 at .13 mg or 11%, B3 at 1.167 mg or 8%, B5 at 0.863 mg or 17%, B6 at 0.21 mg or 16% and B9 at 22 µg or 6%. In addition, as well as some vitamin C, E and K, calcium is at 70 mg or 7%, iron at 2.5 mg or 19%, magnesium at 121 mg or 34%, manganese at 4.5 mg or 214%, phosphorus at 277 mg or 40%, potassium at 410 mg or 9% and finally zinc at 4.53 mg or 48%.



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