Pine Nut Nutrition

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Pine nuts are a food that is derived from pine trees. It is said that approximately 20 pine species make seeds which are big enough in order to be harvested. It is observed, that pine nuts are often added to fish, meat, salads and vegetables, as well as being baked into bread. There are different types of pine nut, such as the Nevada/Great Basin pine nut, that is liked for its big size, sweetness and ease to peel. In the Middle East, they are used in a wide range of dishes such as kibbeh, sambusek and also baklava as well as many others.

In relation to pine nut nutrition, they are said to provide per 100 grammes, a high 874 kcal, relative to other types of nuts. Moreover, their carbohydrate level is 16.99 grammes, fat amount 88.79 grammes and protein 17.78 grammes. Looking at their vitamin levels, we can see that they have 41% of the RDA or .0473 milligrams for vitamin B1. Moreover, for vitamin B2, they are at 25% or 0.295 milligrams. In addition, for vitamin B3, it is at 38% and 5.697 milligrams. Some other B vitamins with lower amounts are vitamin B5, with 0.406 milligrams (8%), vitamin B6 with 9% or 0.122 milligrams and additionally vitamin B9 with 44 µg or 11%. Moreover there are other nutrients also, such as choline at 72.5 milligrams or 15%, vitamin E being 12.12 milligrams or 81%, vitamin K at 70 µg or 67%, calcium at 21 milligrams or 2% and iron at 7.18 milligrams or 55%. Furthermore, magnesium is at 326 milligrams or 92%, manganese is at 11.431 milligrams or 544%, phosphorus is at 747 milligrams or 107% and potassium at 775 milligrams or 16% – finally zinc is at 8.38 milligrams or 88%.

Thus, we can see that pine nut nutrition has  many constituents. However, as a cautionary note, it is said that some pine nuts grown in China can make taste disturbances from a few days up to some weeks after consumption – it is said to be like a metallic taste. It has been guessed by the Nestlé Research Centre that the Pinus armandii species is to blame. it is said that cases are self-limited and that they can resolve without any treatment.



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