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Spray Cleaners Linked to Asthma: Discover Alternatives

Any asthma sufferers out there? If the answer is yes then you’ll be interested to know that spray cleaners have been linked to 1 in 7 cases of adult asthma. You don’t even have to use spray cleaners everyday, just once a week is enough to set off an attack a study by he Municipal Institute of Medical Research in Barcelona, Spain has revealed.

Furniture Sprays

Personally I hate these sprays, not only does it make me cough and sneeze but furniture experts say they are really bad for wood. Instead you should buy a traditional beeswax made from natural ingredients.

Here are a couple of other methods I’ve read about but not tried:

Surface cleaners

Look out for eco products in the supermarket which use natural ingredients. If you want to clean your home with natural alternatives whilst saving money, here a few suggestions:-

  • Vinegar – Wipe over kitchen countertops and your toilet bowl with a cloth. Easy.
  • Bicarbonate of Soda – This is great stuff, it was the only thing that worked when my hair went really greasy. Can also be used to clean stains and remove odors.
  • Orange Oil – we used to have a cleaner that was made with orange oil. Don’t know where it is now but it smelt great.
  • Grapefruit juice – if your bath is really dirty try equal amounts of grapefruit juice and salt.
  • Lemon juice can also be used as Grapefruit above, you can even detox with lemon juice.


Essential oils – If you haven’t done so already, get yourself a nice essential oil burner. Not only will it make your home smell nice but you’ll receive other health benefits depending on what oils you choose.

Bicarbonate of Soda – Sprinkle some onto your carpets before vacuuming.

Buy House Plants – According to studies by NASA, house plants can remove all sorts of horrible chemicals from the air. You don’t have to turn your home into a tropical jungle either, just a few plants per room will be enough.

Bicarbonate of Soda For Cleaning Clothes

The other day I wrote about how bicarb of soda saved my hair today I’m going to write about how it has just saved our clothes.

For some reason a lot of our clothes became musty smelling. I don’t know how but no matter how much washing they got we couldn’t get rid of the smell. Honestly, we were on the brink of throwing them out, they just smelt so bad!

So we decided to put a good amount of it into the washing machine along with the normal detergent and I’m pleased to say that our clothes are very much wearable again 🙂

How to Stop Greasy Hair

I am often reminded of greasy hair products. Greasy hair shampoo has been nagging me for a while. Greasy hair is to be discouraged for our personal and professional lives. Why should we bother to care about our hair any way?  You really want to have the most perfect hair you can.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know. That’s right up until this point.

Some years ago I suddenly developed really greasy hair. I’m not sure how it happened but it coincided with me taking Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) from Superdrug. I frantically tried to wash the grease out but to no avail. It only seemed to make matters worse!

Would Designer Shampoo Work?

I couldn’t go around wearing a hat for the rest of my life so decided to take a trip into town and bought, at great expense, a detox shampoo from Aveda. I was convinced it would work, it’s full of natural ingredients and is considerably more expensive than shampoos from the supermarket after all….

As soon as I got home I rushed upstairs to the bathroom and applied the shampoo, eagerly awaiting the results. I’ve always had really nice hair, even if I do say so myself.

I couldn’t believe it… my hair still looked as if I’d dunked it into a deep fat fryer! Would I ever have beautiful hair again??

What Would We Do Without The Internet?

Out of sheer desperation I connected to the net in search of the answer to my prayers. I’m not sure what I typed into Google (probably something like “how to get rid of greasy hair” but I quickly came up with a site suggesting bicarbonate of soda.

Thank Heavens for Bicarbonate of Soda!

I applied a 50/50 mixture of shampoo and bicarb of soda to my hair along with some water. Wanting to make sure that it did the job properly I left the mixture on my hair for half an hour. With great trepidation I rinsed and dried my hair to find that my hair had returned to normal. Yipee!

What Other Uses Are There for Bicarbonate of Soda?

  • If you want really clean skin without using harsh soaps, simply mix in some bicarb of soda into your shower gel or face wash and you’ll have skin cleaner than ever before.
  • Put a pinch of it into a vase to keep your flowers fresh.
  • Put 8tbsp of soda in the toilet bowl overnight to keep it fresh.
  • Sprinkle it onto carpets, leave for 10 mins and vacuum up to get rid of pet odors.