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Funny Story about Rooibos Tea

If you like Rooibos tea, you’ll love this true story I read in the Readers Digest magazine.

“A cousin of mine works in a speciality tea shop where the choice is so diverse it can leave customers confused. She’s quite used to people having no idea what type of Earl Grey they want, for instance, or requesting a calomine tea instead of camomile.

But when someone asked for “that detective tea – the Scottish one!” she was flummoxed.

Finally, she worked out what the customer was on about – and handed over a packet of Rooibos.”

Deborah Mercer, Theddlethorpe, Linconshire.

(For those who don’t understand what’s funny, Rebus is a character in a series of detective novels by Ian Rankin whilst Rooibos is a type of tea.)