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USB Oil Diffuser

It seems there’s loads of gadgets you can plug into your laptop from paper shredders to fridges but the latest to hit the market is a USB oil diffuser which is basically a scented oil diffuser that plugs into the USB port.

I never go anywhere with my laptop but there’s loads of people who carry theirs to and from work. Plus with wireless broadband all the rage, people are connecting to the net whilst commuting on the train. If this sound like you then you can now travel with you favourite fragrance for only $7.

I’m afraid I’ll not be buying one of these, I only have 2 USB slots and I’m not giving one of them up so I can have a nice fragrance whilst I type.  However it would sure be nice to have a scented oil diffuser as it’s nice to be able to work away whilst having a nice scent in the air.  It’s the sort of thing that if my gran knew what a USB was she’d love to be able to have a scented oil diffuser.