An Introduction to Hand Reflexology

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Hands go through a lot during the day. They hold pens, type, scratch, pick, open stubborn jars and are often pricked, cut or smashed. It is not a surprise that by day’s end, the hands are sore and swollen.

Anyone who has had a massage knows that one of the areas that a therapist will work on is the hands. They will massage the fingers and palms until they are completely relaxed and ready to face another day of abuse.

Hand Reflexology

Reflexology, More specifically hand reflexology is a massage therapy that is concentrated on the hands. The idea being that the hands have points within them that directly correspond to areas of the body.

This technique has been around for thousands of years. It was finally named reflexology in the early twentieth century. There are two types of reflexology, hand and foot.

Mapping of the Hand

Reflexologists use a map of the hand to locate the areas that need to be worked. If a patient comes into the clinic complaining of a headache, the reflexologist will use particular massage techniques such as a finger roll or steady pressure to relieve the pain. In the case of a headache, they would focus on the fingers.

Benefits of Reflexology

This form of massage can help bring relief to many aliments of the body including pain, digestive problems and of course, headaches. Remember, this should not be the only treatment being used when someone is suffering from a reoccurring pain or discomfort. A doctor should always be contacted when a condition is constant.

With that being said, massage in its self, can help to maintain good health. Stress caused by everyday worries can lead to a lot of different medical issues. Massage is a way of relieving that stress from the muscles and deep tissues. When the body is under less stress, it is able to function and process things better.


Well, really it should be do-it-with-a-partner. Touch from loved ones is very healing. Add the extra impact of reflexology into that and there could be great benefits.

Having a massage done to the hands a few times week will have a great impact. Finding time to see a reflexologist several times a week, however, is not very practical. So, next time you and your partner are sitting watching T.V., grab their hand. First, relax the whole hand by massaging it in a pleasing way to your partner. Then, using the trusty hand reflexology map and suggested rubbing techniques, work the areas needed to relieve any discomfort they may be feeling.

This is a great way to bond with one another. You will be communicating your pain to your partner and using a healing touch to relieve it.



  1. Opal Tribble says:

    This a great post. Reflexology is extremely effective if you use it correctly. I used it to eliminate headaches and a few other ailments.

    I took a course in reflexology about eight years ago. My curiosity was peaked after reading a book about it and using some of the techniques effectively on my myself and friends. The incorporate aromatherapy and reflexology in many of my massages.

  2. April says:

    Thanks for stopping by Opal, glad you liked the article. A neighbour trained in reflexology and used to practice on my dad to help with his backpain.

  3. Adidas says:

    They don’t really recommend doing both a hand and foot treatment at the same time as it is just too much for most people.

  4. Hi, great post and video on reflexology. We’re planning on mentioning it in one of our blog posts if you feel like dropping by to smell the flowers.

  5. LGentry says:

    Enjoyed the part about bonding…I believe touch is very important to healing…naturally.

  6. Ketevan Mirianashvili says:

    Very nice!!! Thank you!!!