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An Intro to Foot Reflexology

One of the best things in life is massage. It’s reviving to have a deep tissue rub down that relieves tension in every muscle, loosening each of them from the shoulders all the way to the toes. By the time the session is over all the stress that was there before is now magically gone.

There are two parts of the body that endure the most during the day – The feet. Constantly having the weight of the body upon them as they take it where it needs to go. Having a foot massage can help to take some of the pain away. Even more impressive, it may help you to maintain optimal health.

What is Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is more than just a simple massage. It is designed to work certain areas of the foot that are believed to be connected to different areas of the body. The idea is that by working these areas it will help to relieve pain and discomfort somewhere else in the body.

Reflexologists have a mapping of the feet to guide them. If someone comes in complaining of a headache, they would focus on massaging the upper part of the foot and toes for example.

Rubbing the feet to help the body heal has been around for thousands of years. Dating back as early as ancient China and Egypt but it was not called reflexology back then. Naming this type of massage didn’t come until the early twentieth century.

Benefits of Reflexology

Stress is the body’s biggest enemy by far. It can cause problems such as a simple headache to something more extreme like a heart attack.

Anytime that a massage is given, it removes the stress and tension that is stored in the muscles. Reflexology is doing the same thing in a concentrated area.

This type of massage can help with headaches, digestion issues, problems with your eyes along with a number of aliments.

Creating Romance

Yes, believe it or not, rubbing your partners feet will not only create a bit a romance but will also help maintain optimal health.

When getting into a reflexologist is difficult, try using your significant other as a substitute. Using a few simple rubbing techniques like the rolling of your fingers or even using small balls will help to make the experience enjoyable.

The first step is to relax the whole foot before moving on to certain areas. Relaxing the foot can be done a number of ways. Choose a style that is the most effective for that individual.

Make sure you have your mapping of the foot handy and also which technique is recommended for that area.

As soon as the foot is relaxed, work the area that is connected to the part of the body that is causing the trouble.

Massaging the feet in this way several times a week will help maintain good health. Plus, it will strengthen the bond you have with your partner.

An Introduction to Hand Reflexology

Hands go through a lot during the day. They hold pens, type, scratch, pick, open stubborn jars and are often pricked, cut or smashed. It is not a surprise that by day’s end, the hands are sore and swollen.

Anyone who has had a massage knows that one of the areas that a therapist will work on is the hands. They will massage the fingers and palms until they are completely relaxed and ready to face another day of abuse.

Hand Reflexology

Reflexology, More specifically hand reflexology is a massage therapy that is concentrated on the hands. The idea being that the hands have points within them that directly correspond to areas of the body.

This technique has been around for thousands of years. It was finally named reflexology in the early twentieth century. There are two types of reflexology, hand and foot.

Mapping of the Hand

Reflexologists use a map of the hand to locate the areas that need to be worked. If a patient comes into the clinic complaining of a headache, the reflexologist will use particular massage techniques such as a finger roll or steady pressure to relieve the pain. In the case of a headache, they would focus on the fingers.

Benefits of Reflexology

This form of massage can help bring relief to many aliments of the body including pain, digestive problems and of course, headaches. Remember, this should not be the only treatment being used when someone is suffering from a reoccurring pain or discomfort. A doctor should always be contacted when a condition is constant.

With that being said, massage in its self, can help to maintain good health. Stress caused by everyday worries can lead to a lot of different medical issues. Massage is a way of relieving that stress from the muscles and deep tissues. When the body is under less stress, it is able to function and process things better.


Well, really it should be do-it-with-a-partner. Touch from loved ones is very healing. Add the extra impact of reflexology into that and there could be great benefits.

Having a massage done to the hands a few times week will have a great impact. Finding time to see a reflexologist several times a week, however, is not very practical. So, next time you and your partner are sitting watching T.V., grab their hand. First, relax the whole hand by massaging it in a pleasing way to your partner. Then, using the trusty hand reflexology map and suggested rubbing techniques, work the areas needed to relieve any discomfort they may be feeling.

This is a great way to bond with one another. You will be communicating your pain to your partner and using a healing touch to relieve it.

How to do a Colon Massage

All in all, colon detox is a boring experience.  Certainly, one can conceive this. By now, you’re well prepared for colon cleansing. It’s an appealing fantasy.  But colon cleaning is different in other parts of the world.  Colon cleansers will cause some to quickly lose interest.  I maintain the following about colon massage . I don’t know what colon detox is that specifically makes it like this.

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Every part of the body holds in toxins and chemicals that it comes in contact with. These toxins could come from the food that you eat, such as pesticides from produce or preservatives that are found in ready-to-eat foods. The buildup of toxins can cause fatigue, sluggishness, poor digestion or even more serious ailments like cancer. » Read more: How to do a Colon Massage

How To Give A Back Massage

When you go to a massage therapist, you’re not just paying for their time; you’re paying for their extensive knowledge and expertise. They’ve undergone long-term training that involves learning anatomy and physiology and they’ve practiced for a long time in order to fully understand their craft.

But sometimes dedicated amateurs can emulate their skill to a lesser degree, making those needed sessions a little fewer or farther between. Here are basic techniques on how to give a back massage.

The Fan Stroke

When using fan strokes, apply some oil to decrease friction, then kneel beside the person you’re giving a massage to. Place the palms of your hands in the mid back, fingers facing away from the spine. You’ll be asserting pressure on muscle groups called the latissiumus dorsi and the trapezius. Be sure not to press directly on the spine, but alongside it.

Move the whole hand (palm and fingers) with moderate pressure up the back, along the shoulder blades and out, away from the line of the spine. Move back to the rib cage on the back and repeat. That’s a fan stroke. Increase the pressure moderately, seeking feedback to keep it within a range that’s comfortable for the recipient.

A Good Video Showing a Simple Back Massage Technique


Petrissage in professional massage circles is a motion that kneads the flesh and muscle. In this technique, the idea is to move ‘clumps’, but also to smooth out ‘knots’. Working on more localized areas, with smaller surfaces (such as the thumbs, fingertips, even elbows if applied lightly), move up and down the back.

Oil will help avoid pinching and tugging. If you see the skin ripple, you need a little more. Take care over areas where the muscles are thinner, such as the rib cage.

Grab a portion of a muscle group and squeeze, then move to the next, working your way gradually around all areas of the back from low to high, left and right. Change hands and repeat.


Rest your hands on the recipients shoulders. Using the fingertips, with the fingers spread apart, move both hands down the back, ‘raking’ the flesh. Then use one hand moving up, the other moving down simultaneously. Rake alongside the spine, but not on it.

The net effect of all these is to relax the muscles, warm up the skin and improve circulation. That brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to them, removing toxins. The body is relaxed and the mind soothed.

The Circling Hands

Starting on the lower back, again with the hands flat, move at right angles to the spine. Then, right away, circle the right hand counterclockwise with gentle pressure as you move up the back. Keep the fingers pointing away from the spine as you make the circular motion.

Replace the right hand with the left hand and repeat the motion, on the right side of the recipient’s body. Then start over with the right hand on the left side of the body. Make the circles, then replace with the left hand and repeat.

As one hand trails the other, move up the body on the right, then left, then right again.