Can Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

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You may already have read about tea’s ability to decrease your chance of heart disease and reduce your stress but will it help shift a few pounds? Well, there have been studies, and yes, it seems that tea can help you lose weight.

Increase Your Energy

Many people these days suffer from a lack of energy so turn to caffeine tablets and pills but a better way of increasing your energy is by drinking tea. Because tea gives you more energy there’s no excuse for not exercising which means you can burn off extra fat calories.

Tea has also been shown to increase your body’s metabolic rate so that you can burn of fat. It seems that according to studies, tea can help you burn off 80 calories a day along with exercising.

You may or may not have heard of “flavanoids”. Flavanoids work by increasing your body’s natural hormone “norepinephrine”. So how does this help you? Well, norepinephrine encourages the body’s metabolic rate for burning of the fat calories.

Fat Oxidation

Studies have also shown that if you drink between 3 and 5 cups of green tea a day an extract within the tea helps with fat oxidation speed. This was tested against a group of people who took a placebo – those folks didn’t notice any change in energy levels. Green tea is definitely a better alternative to expensive diet pills which may cause you more harm than good.

Other Health Benefits

Don’t think of tea as just being a way to lose weight. Tea also offers many other health benefits including improved immune system, helps with arthritis symptoms and may prevent cancer.

You don’t have to be a health expert to know that water is essential to a healthy lifestyle. By drinking a few cups a day you’ll be giving your body the water it needs. When buying tea however, look out for one which either is low in caffeine or is caffeine free.

Better Than “Diet Pills”

There are many problems associated with diet pills; the weight loss industry is massive so there are many unscrupulous people selling pills at over-inflated prices. Many of these products don’t contain what they say they do or only contain a very small amount. You don’t have these problems with tea because it has been tested so much and is proven to be safe. Its also a fraction of the price compared to the normal diet pill.  You might also want to add in some lemon juice as part of a lemon juice liver cleanse.

If your aim is to lose an extra few pounds, then why not try some tea? Its not expensive, it’s healthy plus it’s also very tasty. If you’re a drinker of coffee and sugary drinks then simply swap them for a cup of tea. Easy as that.



  1. I’ve found myself turning to energy drinks, caffeine pills and other unhealthy habits.. I drink noni juice, and have the a tea product called Tahiti,..but after make some good points..hydration is a big concern, as well as antioxidents…I think I will try turning away the grande fraps for a nice cup of tea.

  2. April says:

    Red bush tea is also good because it has no caffeine in it.

  3. Replace soda’s and coffee with tea, and surely you’ll see some difference 🙂

  4. Kill Weight says:

    Make sure that your tea is only green tea. Some have Ginseng added, which if drunk often will cause increased pain sensitivity and insomnia. Also, make sure if you ever have to have a colonoscopy (which is usual for people 50+ to have one every 10 years) that you tell your doctor you drink green tea. Green tea makes your colon turn black. Don’t be alarmed! While it does turn black, it has been deemed buy the medical community to be a purely cosmetic change and not harmful.

  5. ronald joseph says:

    Take HYDROXYCUT it can increase norepinephrine levels by up to 92%. I have been on a diet for 3 weeks and in the 1st 13 days I lost 10 pounds!! The HYDROXYCUT speeds up your metabolism letting me run 10 miles a day and walk 2 (I’ve only been running for 2 weeks and I have a belly no muscles as well) I was 212 3 weeks ago. I am now 196.

  6. lina says:

    I have lost a lot of wieght ( about 9 kg) in less than a month only by drinking alot of green tea and decreasing the portions I normally eat .I used to eat whatever I want but in small portions.