How to Cure Bad Breath with Tea

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Have you been battling with halitosis without success? Is so, then you’re not alone. There are many products available designed to counter the problem but the main drawback with these is that they’ll make your mouth feel like cotton.

It’ll probably be a surprise for you to find out that tea may actually be able to help you. Drinking black or green tea is a totally natural way to rid your mouth of bad smells which cause you so much embarrassment.

Kill the Bacteria – Kill the Bad Breath

Drinking tea offers so many health benefits without any negatives plus it’s so much more affordable than these other products. The reason bad breath occurs is because bacteria grows on your tongue and gum pockets.

It’s this bacteria which gives off a foul-smelling odor known as halitosis or bad breath. Many people turn to mints to help cover up the smell but 1) they don’t kill the bacteria which causes the bad breath and 2) they often contain sugar which actually feeds the bacteria, only to make matters worse.

What makes tea so wonderful is that it kills the bacteria in your mouth which in turn kills the smell. Studies show that it’s the polyphenols in some teas which suppress the bacteria.

Other Health Benefits of Tea

Along with keeping odor-causing plaque and bacteria at bay you will also be preventing colds, dental problems and throat infections. You can’t say that about most over-the-counter products!

So really, there’s no reason to shell out loads of cash on expensive products when you can just drink a few cups of tea a day. Of course, you should continue to brush your teeth and floss everyday as per usual. Tea doesn’t replace your normal oral hygiene routine, it simply compliments it.

By drinking black or green tea in-between brushing your teeth, you can help solve your bacteria and plaque problems keeping those nasty smells away. There’s no need to spend a fortune.  People drink green tea with adding floavours such as lemon, grapfruit and pineapple.  You should also try matcha green tea powderYou might like to know about lemon juice liver detox.


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    what kind of black or green tea will cure bad breath halitosis?