Health Benefits of Tequila

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I wondered to myself if there might be any health benefits to drinking tequila in the way that a glass of red wine a day is good for you. To my surprise it seems that there are benefits.

  1. Relaxant – A small glass before heading to bed can help relax you after a busy stressful day, helping you to sleep better.
  2. Lowers Cholesterol – It has been proven the tequila can dissolve fats; reducing cholesterol.
  3. Optimizes cardiac functions
  4. Aids Digestion – Drink a glass before, during or after your meal in order to aid digestion.

General benefits of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol

Doctors around the world recommend alcohol in varying amounts, from as little as one glass per day in America to three in the Netherlands. If you drink somewhere in between those amounts then you’ll enjoy the following benefits:-

  • 54% less chance of developing dementia
  • 30-40% less chance of developing diabetes
  • 25% less chance of dying in any given year
  • 0.5% less chance of having a stroke

Don’t let this be an excuse to play those drinking games every night. Like with most things in life, whether it be chocolate, wine or tequila it must be in moderation for it to be beneficial. Drinking too much can lead to all sorts of health problems such as sclerosis of the liver.  Find out ways to help an alcoholic.  BTW, everyone should learn how to cleanse your liver.

Mexican food is also very yummy so it’s worthwhile checking out some healthy Mexican food.  Yes that’s right, there is Mexican food that’s healthy too.  What a surprise that would be for your friends.  You can invite them over for a healthy meal and then serve them up Mexican food with tequila for drinks.  What fun!



  1. Ed says:

    And if none of the above work for you, at least you’ll be happily dimented! LOL 🙂

    Great site!
    Keep it up!

    Grace and peace,

  2. vnrozier says:

    I got the worst hangover I’ve ever had in my life somewhere in Mexico in 1967. Tequila plus lime and salt in the time honoured manner. In the morning I had a glass of beer in one hand and a glass of tomato juice in the other for breakfast.
    I’m sorry but it was one of those lost days.

  3. April says:

    vnrozier, sounds like a night (not) to remember 😉

  4. Mercola says:

    As mentioned, this would be very helpful as long as done in moderation and should never be abused. you’re going to get hangovers instead of health benefits. 😀

  5. tubaman says:

    One New Year’s Eve, I had a headache. It went away while drinking the Tequila. When I ate or drank anything else that night, the headache tried to come back. Pleez believe it!

  6. wala lang says:

    can i know the other brand of tequila/.??

  7. Eros says:

    No hay mejor bebida que el Tequila!!!
    Viva México y sus productos…
    There is not better drank than Tequila!!!
    Woderful mexican products.

  8. isabel says:

    this may sound different but i rinse my hair with a cup of tequila once a month, my hair is long, strong and heathy.

  9. Becca says:

    My favorite brand is Zapopan. It’s cheap, smooth, and sweet!

  10. ArunVerghese says:

    A big Tequila fan..i guess Sauza is the best i’ve had…

  11. Instead of tequila I’d recommend to drink clean water. It’s better for your health.

  12. Tizoc says:

    Tequila effects I have found also depend on the brand and type (anejo, reposado, and silver). The type refers to the aging process. The brands range from the cheap (Cuervo….yuk!!) to the serious (Don Julio, Milagro, and yes Patron). I learned most of this during my honeymoon from a guy who lived in St. Luis…..ha ha. No hangover the whole week during our cruise….drank quit a bit that week.