Is Revenge Good for the Soul?

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This isn’t normally a sponsored post I would accept but after reading the description I was intrigued. It seems that a very swish and swanky S-Type Jaguar has ended up on an online car website under somewhat “unusual” circumstances…

The husband bought this car and for some reason registered it in his wife’s name. It wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad thing but he then cheated on her, she found out and then, well, um… she threw a pot of red paint over the car. Now she is selling it for 50% of what it’s worth simply as revenge, beware of a woman scorned.

What I want to know is does she feel any better after doing this? They say revenge is sweet but I’m not so sure.

In our old house we used to live next to woman who we couldn’t stand. She became very frosty towards us when we had to complain (nicely) about her new gutter dripping and causing rising damp for us. She had a dog that barked constantly from about 7am until 9am when he was taken out. One of her sons had a drum kit just through the wall from my bedroom. I won’t bore you with the other stuff but she basically acted as if we were the neighbours from Hell and refused to even acknowledge us.

After we moved house my Mum got it into her head that she would take revenge by killing her hedge. Anyway, she didn’t go ahead with it. Sometimes you should just leave the past where it is and move on.

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  1. I’m really curious what your mother was going to do to the hedge!

    Anytime someone cuts in front of me in a queue I just take a deep breath and imagine them falling down a flight of stairs. It cheers me up straight away.

    You’re right though about how it’s better to leave these things in the past.

  2. April says:

    She was going to use weed killer. She actually did a “patch test” but it didn’t work!

  3. Ten out of ten to your mother for revenge seeking initiative though! I’m quite fond of trees and suchlike but it’s better than going after the pets!