Money and Health: A Conflit of Interests?

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For those of you who live outside of the UK, let me introduce you to Carol Verderman. She is a TV presenter, mathematical whiz and has released a number of best-selling health books. Despite being in her 40s she has a figure that many people in their 20s would be envious of. My Mum even bought her book Carol Vorderman’s Detox Recipes.

So my question is: Why is she now appearing on adverts for Farmfoods after all the good work she has been doing to promote a healthy lifestyle?

Again, for those of you not familiar with Farmfoods, they basically just sell all the junk under the sun. Deep fried junk, tinned junk, frozen junk, chocolate-covered junk… You get the idea.

I have had a look through the detox recipe book and can honestly say that you couldn’t make a single meal by going to Farmfoods for your shopping.

Call me an idealist but I still like to think that people have morals and certain standards. Is she that strapped for cash that she has to promote a company diametrically opposed to what she writes about in her books?

In today’s celeb culture so many members of the public follow the advice that these people give out. If Victoria Beckham went on a cardboard soup diet you can bet your bottom dollar that people out there would follow suit. I just think people in the public eye should be more careful about what companies they promote.

OK, rant over. What do you think?  BTW, I think that saving money is very important but don’t let this affect your health.  Also look at this best way to save money info.  I also think celebrities are putting their names to way too many products, you see them advertising anything from debt consolodation to cheap Tonik health insurance.



  1. Psh shes not strapped for cash she just needs enough money to afford the glamorous life style of her upper income friends. This is just like Rachael ray in the United States. She claims to promote health and well being yet she endorse ritz! How healthy are ritz anyways?

  2. April says:

    New Massage Tables,
    I guess I just don’t have the mentality to ever be rich.

  3. I can deal with Rachel Ray, as she is clearly making hay while the sun shines by putting $ in the bank while she’s a hot commodity. Who knows whether her fame will last. Having read the intro in a couple of her cookbooks, I felt her basic point was to allow people to prepare great tasting food quickly. In general the recipes I’ve made from her cookbooks were pretty healthy and they are delicious. But I don’t think she ever claimed to be a nutritional advisor.

    I don’t know Carol Verderman, but it sounds like what she is doing is the equivalent of encouraging people to consume less alcohol, while being a Budweiser spokeswoman. I would certainly be less inclined to buy a health book written by someone like that.

    Say I found your blog while searching on digestive enzyme info (commented on that particular entry), but having found the blog, I’m going to bookmark it and stop by from time to time. Nice job!

  4. April says:

    That’s a good point about people loosing their credibility by promoting “bad” products. I wonder if other people view Carol in a different light now and if it’s affect the sales of her books.

  5. Nico says:

    She is obviously in it for the money. I hope she gets paid a lot because this is just absolutely disgraceful!

  6. I don’t have much respect for her, George Foreman is much better I think.

  7. judith says:

    I think the answer to your question is one word. Money.
    Sad isn’t it?