How to Solve Sleep Problems

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If you’re having problems getting a good night sleep then you may not realize that your sleeping environment can have a profound effect on you. Check out these tips to see if they can help you sleep better.

1# Noise Levels

Sleeping in a quiet room may seem pretty obvious but have you really scrutinized all the background noises. These may include barking dogs and outside traffic

How can you quiet the noise levels inside your bedroom? If you have wooden floors then one of the simplest things you can do is to buy a rug. Buy thick curtains to muffle any noises and if you only have windows with a single pane of glass, consider replacing them with double or even triple glazing. And if all else fails, consider wearing earplugs.

2# Room Temperature

Ambient temperature that is too warm or too humid can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Ideally, the room should feel slightly cool as this temperature more closely matches that of the body when it is in the midst of sleep.

Problems arise, however, when there is more than one person in the room. Some people love the temperature to be really toasty whereas others prefer to be cool. If you like to have an electric blanket on during the winter then you can shop around for one which has dual control. Alternatively wearing warmer clothes, and even socks, will help. Although you can use a heater or cooler you will need to find one which is quiet and won’t disturb you with the noise.

3# Bedside Clock

Depending on what type of bedside clock you own, there are two possible problems you can incur. The digital types with LED numbers can be a distraction in a dark room and can make you aware of how much time is passing.

Whereas the old fashioned wind-up clocks make a tick tock sound with can be very off-putting.

An alarm clock going off suddenly can also be a great shock to the body, so buying a “Sunrise Alarm Clock” will be much better. The National Institute of Health found that people respond better to a gradual increase in light instead of a sudden noisy beeping. Also these lights have been found to help with sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

4# Find the Perfect Bed

The size of your bed and the type of mattress on which you sleep can both impact the quality of your sleep. If your bed is too small and you feel cramped, you may not sleep as well as you could if you had room to stretch out. Likewise with the mattress.

Take a tip from Goldilocks and find a mattress which feels just right for you. There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable mattress.

Getting a new bed and/or mattress is a worthwhile investment if doing so helps you sleep better. Perhaps indulge in softer sheets and fluffier pillows too. Go ahead and splurge. You’ll definitely feel better in the morning.

5# Sleep in bed

Strange as it may seem, but if you sit in bed doing various tasks such as working on your laptop, your body can equate bed with activity instead of sleeping. Find some other place to watch television or pay your bills and use your bed for its intended purpose!

6# Lighting

Make sure that your room is as dark as possible. This may involve buying new curtains or blinds which specifically block out light. If you work a night shift then this should your top priority.

There are many different types of sleep disorders that you might also suffer from so it’s well worth reading up about this subject so you can have a better understanding.



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