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Are Fruit Smoothies Healthy?

I just love it when you think you’re doing your body good then some journalist decides to ruin it all for you. The other evening I was watching a show called The One Show which raised the question of fruit smoothies being good for you.

Acid Test

You may already know that when you drop a dirty coin into some cola that it’ll come out clean. Well, they decided to carry out the same test with cola, fruit smoothie, coffee and water. When the coins came out of the cola and smoothie they were clean however the coins that were placed in the coffee and water were still dirty.

What this proves is that cola and fruit smoothies are acidic which can, over time, cause erosion of tooth enamel, so be very careful of those Beverly Hills porcelain veneers. To prevent this happening you should drink through a straw so that the liquid goes straight down your throat. Alternatively you can eat cheese because when acid levels in the mouth were tested, the acidity dropped to normal.


They said that in a glass of fruit smoothie there’s 8 teaspoons of sugar. This is what I’m not too sure about. I’ve always believed that fruit is healthy for you and that sugar from fruit is different from refined cane sugar. Even if it does have high amount of sugar you do also get fibre, vitamins and minerals.


It seems a lot of people are drinking pre-made smoothies from a carton because they can’t be bothered to eat raw fruit and vegetables. I wouldn’t suggest people do this, if you prefer to drink your daily amount of fruit and veg instead of preparing it yourself, then you’d be better off buying vegetable juice like V8.

I drink smoothies from time to time if I fancy something sweet and filling. I will continue to do so too however to me it’s more of a treat. The key is moderation. Ultimately fruit smoothies have got to be healthier than Sunny D. Surely?

If you are keen to make your own smoothies, then getting yourself a recipe book such as The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies.