Natural Cures for Diabetes

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Diabetes has been on the rise for several years now, especially in children. There is an increased need for information concerning this disease along with understanding and treatment options.

Understanding Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes and they are easily named. Type I Diabetes, and type II. Diabetes is when the body’s insulin is either not being made or not being used properly. Insulin in a healthy body is a hormone produced to break down sugars and starches into energy.

Type I is usually found in children and young adults. Insulin is not being made in patients with type I.

Type II is the most common. The body doesn’t make the insulin needed or is unable to use it in type II diabetics.

Natural Cures

The safe, natural way to treat diabetes is through diet. This may seem like common sense and easy to do, however if you are not reading labels and understanding how the body processes food, this could be more difficult than expected.

First, talk to your doctor about what types of things are good to eat and which ones you should stay away from. A nutritionist is another great person to see. They will be able to write out a menu for you that has all of the foods along with recipes that you can have.

Read labels! It is really a surprise once you begin. You will find that healthy fruit granola bar that you have been eating (and thought was good for you) is really packed full of sugar and fat. Maybe it’s a sports drink that you have after your daily exercise routine or your salad dressing. There are sugars and fats in a lot of what we eat. It’s important to know exactly what is going in your body.

Exercise is a must. Take the dog for a walk, climb those stairs instead of riding the elevator. Swimming is another great, low impact exercise. The more we move, the more fat we burn. The less fat our body has, the healthier we are.

There are supplements that can also be taken to help with diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions.

Chromium is one that has shown positive benefits. It has been shown to prevent the onset of Type II or even reverse it.

Bitter melon has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels. Others that may help are Java Plum, Noni, and Bitterwood. Java Plum may help to level out the insulin. Noni will help restore energy, while Bitterwood will help to stimulate the liver.

Reflexology and yoga can be used to reduce stress. Stress is often what causes a lot of the body’s problems including carving sweet, fatty foods.

Things to Remember

Diabetes is a very serious disease that can lead to things like blindness, poor circulation, and heart disease. It is very important you speak with a doctor about any treatments before you begin them.



  1. Tara says:


    I am a 23 year old nutrition student who has Type 1 Diabetes.

    While I am glad that you went to the trouble of mentioning the 2 types of diabetes (let me tell you most articles neglect to do this!), I would like to add that Type 1 diabetes can’t be managed through exercise alone.

    Type 1 diabetes must be managed with insulin injections for the rest of the persons life and at this stage can’t be ‘cured’ by any means or will. Articles with headings like yours portray a message into the general community that the case is otherwise.

    However, I have found that taking Chromium can help me to get better control of my blood glucose levels (along with injections of course) and have also found that adding cinnamon to food has an affect on them too. Other than this eating low GI foods and exercising both go a long way to having better control.


  2. Anna Hackman says:

    Hi. I have a son who is a Type 1. I wish there was a natural cure for this Type. He is very good and maintains a low sugar diet and eats low GI foods. Some doctor however do not feel there should be a change in a Type 1’s diet. Some doctors do. The reason I received about eating sugar is why change their lifestyle on top of making them take the insulin unless the whole family changes their eatting habits.

    I can’t agree with this thinking and perhaps the whole family should change to be inline with a diabetic’s diet so that they too can start eatting a healthy diet. Sugar is just not good for you.

    Exercise has helped him, keeping his stress in check, and his diet has been very important. The best thing that happened to him in the hospital is to meet a diabetic nurse who told him that she did not behave and her eye sight suffered because of it.

    I hope for all those who have Type 1 that there will be a cure soon. Just watching him give himself insulin shots is just heart renching. anna

  3. April says:

    Hi Anna, So many people say that children “need” sugar. I don’t understand why. I was brought up eating fruit instead. I find it amazing the amount of parents I’ve seen shoving chocolates and marshmallows into the mouths of babies and children.

    I hope you can keep your son’s diabetes under control.

  4. I am a diabetic since 1990. I go for my regular check ups every five months and the doctor takes my 3 month blood glucose average (HBA1C), and it has been escalating for the last 1 year despite being on maximum medication. I am on both oral and insulin medication. I was introduced to the Bio Disc in April 2006 and have been consuming the water that I energised with the Bio Disc. To my surprise, just after 1 month, my HBA1C level has been gradually going down. Today after 7 months, I went for my regular follow up with my doctor, my condition has improved to the extend that he had to half the medication that I was taking. It’s amazing as I did not implement any diet changes, in fact, I was worried as I was indulging myself during the recent festive season.
    I also wish to share my 5 year old daughter’s experience. We had great difficulty in getting her to drink water and each time had to mix it with some juice for her to drink. But ever since we started using the bio disc, we have had no problem getting her to drink the energized water. Bio Disc is truly amazing!

  5. Bessie Johns says:

    I do not have diabetes, however I have several friends and family members that do. I really do believe that great attention to diet and exercise will go a long way to control the disease. I have read many times about people having great results at getting control of their blood sugar by just losing some weight. While I know this is not always a given, it might be a place to start.

  6. Roshan says:

    These are some natural remedies for diabetis:

    Prepare fine mixture of dry myrobalan & black berry seeds’s musk in equal quantity. Take 7-8 grams of this mixture in empty stomach along with cow’s milk or water.

    Use 10 grams of musk of black berry seeds and one gram of opium. Make small pills by crushing it well and adding water to it. Take one pill with water every morning & evening for at least a month.

    In a clay pot, add a glass of water & add to it 5 flowers of palash at night.Next morning, crush these flowers in the same water and drink that water. Increase the quantity of flowers by 1 every week and continue the treatment for four weeks & one would be highly relieved.

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