A Busy Workout in the Garden

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TreeOver the last couple of weeks it has been a battle of wills between me and the trees in our garden. It is of course that time of year again when a never ending supply of leaves fall to the ground. Everyday I’ve been out raking up the leaves and each morning some little Imp has put them all back again. Who needs to go to the gym when you’ve got a carpet of leaves to rake up every day?!

In addition to this I’ve also been painting the windows, removing the mastic and digging up the compost. All these tasks require tools which we’ve been keeping in the garage. Unfortunately the previous owners spent a small fortune building this crappy of piece junk. It’s ugly, narrow (not much wider than a car), has no windows and no lighting. I’m not sure what we plan on using the garage for in future, at the moment we have building materials for the house and gardening tools amongst other things. Not exactly sure as I can barely see anything, the only reason the photo has turned out is because my camera has a good flash.


CarGuyGarage.com has lots of garage storage to buy so that you can store all your bits and pieces better organised than my garage.



  1. Outdoor workouts are definitely the best type of cardio workouts. You cannot get that in the gym truth be told if I had a sauna at home I highly doubt I would have a membership.

    Good for you getting the yardwork done.

    Totally OT
    I commented to your recommendation on my website by the way (static website) I’m going to look at it if I decide to use it please let me know your affiliate info so I can list you as a referrer.

  2. I think killing to birds with one stone is a plus! Getting your landscaping in order and you body!