New Study: Tea Can Help Reduce Bone Loss

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Some more good news for those of us who drink black or green tea regularly. A recent study by Australian researchers found that tea can help protect us from bone loss and osteoporosis.

The findings were a result of a 5 year study on calcium, tea and osteoporosis. 275 women between the ages of 70 and 85 had their hip bone density measured at the beginning and end of the study.

It was found that tea-drinkers had 2.8% greater bone density than non-drinkers and that over four years, tea drinkers lost only 1.6% density compared to 4%

Researches couldn’t find a relation between results and number of cups drunk per day which suggests to me that even just drinking one cup per day could offer benefits. They also found that intake of calcium, coffee and smoking didn’t affect the results.

Although more research is needed it’s just more evidence that natural remedies do work. Plus, drinking tea is not expensive and is very tasty 🙂



  1. Susan Suarez says:

    This is very important for me. Thank you for sharing… 🙂

  2. Oh, it’s actually amazing. I find a lot of benefits about tea. Reducing bone loss is one more.

  3. judith says:

    For me tea is the best drink of the day, and to hear it could be doing me good too is great news. Thanks.