Free Tea Samples: Now There’s No Excuse

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I’m a big fan of green tea and have already written some posts on the health benefits of tea. If you still haven’t tried tea yourself then you’re really missing out. Have a look at the list below and request a few samples. You’ve got no excuse now!

If you order any free samples please come back here and let us know if they were any good.



  1. I LOVE Yogi Tea and I love to drink tea in general… 🙂 Oooh Thanks for the information. Going to request the samples now. Cheers!

  2. April says:

    I hope you enjoy them. I’m still waiting for the sample I ordered from Dilmah.

  3. Harmonia says:

    I did a few of them! Thanks!!!! I noticed the last one was closed tho…keep the tea info comin’!

  4. April says:

    Thanks Harmonia, I’ve deleted the last company off the list.

    Currently I’m on the mission to try out lots of teas so will posting my findings soon. The latest tea I’ve tried is Rooibos so stay tuned for that.

  5. Missy says:

    I too am into green tea, it is a powerful antioxidant source. There are several ways to incorporate green tea (and reach the recommended daily quotient) in ones diet: through cereals, snack bars, soda beverages, and my favorite the Green Tea Lipton To-Go sticks. (raspberry flavor)

    April, thanxs for stopping by my Groovy Vegetarian Blog, and if you like, i would love to do a linky exchange with you. Just let me know.


  6. April says:

    Missy, thanks for stopping by. I’ve never tried products with green tea in it, I just drink it as a tea. I’m not sure I’ve even seen products with green tea in it here in the UK.

  7. mlankton says:

    Yamimotoyama. This stuff is practically Folgers in Japan. Buy in bulk, cheap, and enjoy real green tea. Try any Japanese or Korean grocer.

  8. Argh, think the link to the Yogi one is broken… Plus I see this post is actually quite old, so I’m afraid I may have missed the boat on some of these offers… 🙁

  9. would like some samples soon

  10. Max Friel says:

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