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Free Tea Samples: Now There’s No Excuse

I’m a big fan of green tea and have already written some posts on the health benefits of tea. If you still haven’t tried tea yourself then you’re really missing out. Have a look at the list below and request a few samples. You’ve got no excuse now!

If you order any free samples please come back here and let us know if they were any good.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been enjoyed by those in China for a staggering 4,000! To this day China still regards it very highly as a cure for many ailments including depression.

Unlike most alternative therapies, green tea had been extensively studied by scientists all over the world. It’s been found to help reduce the chances of developing certain types of cancer as well as giving us an energy boost.

Other medical conditions green tea is linked to include cardiovascular disease and arthritis plus it also helps lower our cholesterol levels.

You don’t have to suffer from major illnesses to benefit from green tea, it can be drunk to help with aches and pains such as joint pain and headaches. Green tea contains catechin polyphenols, which are believed to be the ingredients that give us all of these wonderful health benefits.

The polyphenols are found in the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which is then ground up and made into our green tea. It’s believed that polyphenols prevent cancer cells from developing, without the risk of damaging any tissues in the process.

Beauticians and nutritional experts alike are always telling us how beneficial anti-oxidants are for our bodies. Polyphenols have been found to a very powerful anti-oxidant. Additionally green tea is great for increasing energy and helps burn calories in your body quicker.

Although green tea shouldn’t be used on it’s own for loosing weight it’s an ideal compliment to healthy eating and exercising. It’s also considerably cheaper than buying all those over-priced diet pills!

As much as the Chinese love their green tea for its health benefits, you should make sure that you continue to see your doctor. Green tea should purely be seen as a way of boosting your health and not as a replacement for your physicians’ prescribed treatment plan.

Green tea can also provide you with a healthier oral hygiene regimen. It helps prevent plaque from forming, while keeping bacteria under control so it doesn’t get out of hand and cause halitosis problems. With all of the reports of harmful effects that some treatments cause, green tea is an attractive option.

The only downside to drinking green tea is that it contains caffeine (although at a much lower level than coffee). There are, however, versions that are decaffeinated or are low in caffeine.

The conclusion is that green tea is an ideal drink for general health and is a great substitute for coffee and tea full of milk and sugar. If you think you’d be bored drinking green tea everyday you should have a look for tea which has been flavored with Jasmine, lemon or mint. There’s lots of flavors to choose from, my personal favourite is Jasmine.