How to do a Colon Massage

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All in all, colon detox is a boring experience.  Certainly, one can conceive this. By now, you’re well prepared for colon cleansing. It’s an appealing fantasy.  But colon cleaning is different in other parts of the world.  Colon cleansers will cause some to quickly lose interest.  I maintain the following about colon massage . I don’t know what colon detox is that specifically makes it like this.

Effective that tools are those that best address your needs. When achieved, your colon cleaning is excellent.  I have been dealing with this since last week. Are you stickler to colonic massage standards?  You’re seeing the results that you should. It is common how someone can comprehend a picnic of a topic like this. Now with this convenient and powerful colon cleansers, one can now truly experience extreme colon cleansing. Grab your favorite beverage and let’s begin with colon detoxification. You should start looking into the way to go about this kind of colonic massage today.  There are some moments of clarity. All colon cleansers takes is a bit of effort. These days it’s all about massage therapy. Now is the time for reflection on the inspirational thoughts about colon detoxification.  Colonic massage is all that it takes.

It all has the same root cause. I must say I was not disappointed in the least.  It’s very clear that sooner or later colon massage will become more popular. There not many of us who think this.   It’s like a quick fix for both colon massage and this thing.  I am glad of this public opportunity to talk about colon cleansers.

Every part of the body holds in toxins and chemicals that it comes in contact with. These toxins could come from the food that you eat, such as pesticides from produce or preservatives that are found in ready-to-eat foods. The buildup of toxins can cause fatigue, sluggishness, poor digestion or even more serious ailments like cancer.

Any time you massage the body, whether it be a deep tissue, full body massage or one that is focused on a particular area like a colon massage, the benefits are the same. The chemicals that are hiding in these areas get pushed out and eventually filter through the body’s elaborate cleansing system.

Benefits a Colon Massage

The colon is part of that amazing cleaning system that we all have. When the colon becomes clogged with fecal matter, it’s unable to do its job they way it is intended to. This can lead to a number of problems such as skin problems, fatigue, moodiness, bloating, constipation, or even cancer.

Most of us have some fecal matter build up. If you happen to not have it now, you will. It’s said that everyone at some point will have a blocked colon. This is due to our lifestyle. First, there are a huge amount of people who are not eating what they should and second, to be very blunt, we are not efficiently “pushing” out our waste. This is because the toilet does not provide us with the correct position to “push” out our waste.

Colon massage is a way to help move that stuck matter down to where it needs to be. Plus, it can be done at home. I often give myself a colon massage after seeing it on the TV some years ago and find it helps a lot.

By removing the fecal build up, you will help to eliminate a number of health issues. Once your colon is functioning properly, it’ll be able to remove the waste and toxins in your body. This will help to clear up any acne and increase energy. The biggest benefit may be that it can help prevent cancer. Many health issues can be linked to an improperly functioning colon.

How to Massage

Choose a position, such as laying on a flat surface. You may want to use some sort of massage oil to lubricate the tummy. Once lubricated, place your fingers on the right side of the abdomen, where the appendix is located. Using a small, round circle motion, work your fingers up toward the rib cage. Once you reach the rib cage work your way down on the left side.

The massage should only last a few minutes. Be aware of any pain in the abnormal area. If you find you have tenderness in a particular area, you may want to see your doctor. You also need to make sure that you massage in a clock-wise position otherwise you’ll be pushing the fecal matter in the wrong direction

This massage will help with your bowel movement and to remove toxic build up. Remember that this massage can be done often. Also, increase the pressure being applied. You will first want to use gentle pressure being aware of pain or discomfort.  Now that you know how to do a colon massage, you will be able to use this technique everyday to help regulate your bowel movements.  Hopefully by doing this and also eating more dietry fibre, you’ll be able to avoid using any harsh laxatives.



  1. Excellent post, I’ve found them to be very effective. I use them along with colonics. I usually use the essential oils rosemary and peppermint mixed with a carrier oil such as Jojoba.

  2. April says:

    I’m glad you find doing the massage useful too. I have never had colonics done but my mum has and found it works really well.

  3. April,

    I was surprised at the amount of fecal material that was inside me. I’m high raw and eliminate shortly after mealtimes the gunk I saw pass through the tube was amazing.

    Oh by the way I’ll be writing about you on Vegan Momma either this coming week or next week. I’ll let you know a few days before it happens.

  4. April says:

    I look forward to reading what you have to say about me Opal 😉

  5. It will be either next Monday or Tuesday those are my high traffic days. 🙂 I’ll let you know the definite day towards the end of this week.

  6. If your stomach is hurting, have blood in your stool, or you have the feeling of constipation accompanied by diarrhea and/or thin and long fecal matter, than it could be from polyps.

    Polyps usually block fecal matter from traversing through your intestines correctly, and can sometimes be cancerous.

  7. I actually saw a show talking about colon massage some time a go. I find that it really works if I’m feeling a little “blocked up” if you get what I mean.

  8. Try eating a lot of fiber and you won’t have this problem.

  9. CAROL Whittle says:

    I was wondering what oils I could drink to get rid of the colon polyps or do they leave on their own with a cleansing?