Health and Beauty Coupons

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Although I can’t make use of these coupons myself because I’m in the UK, I thought I would compile a few details of special discounts you can get with Coupon Chief. Just remember to follow the instructions on the site properly because if you don’t then you won’t receive your discount.

Botanic Choice coupons have a number of special discount offers including $10 off your order if you spend $20 or $50 off if you spend $150. They have a massive range of health and beauty products including Greet Tea, Digestive Aids and Aromatherapy.

Amazon deals – Save $10 when you spend $49 on organic beauty products such as Kiss My Face and Toms of Maine. I always like to use as many natural products as possible because I believe they are healthier for the body as well as the planet.

Mex Grocer codes – If you like to be experimental in the kitchen MexGrocer have loads of Mexican foods to try out. They’re currently offering 20% off if you spend more than $25. They also have kitchen utensils such as Tamales and La Cocinera so that your Mexican dishes are truly authentic.



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