How to Do a Colon Cleanse

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In an ideal world you wouldn’t need to cleanse your colon because you would be fishing out of pure mountain streams, picking berries off shrubs and drinking fresh spring water. Unfortunately the foods we buy from the supermarket often have to travel half way around the world and are filled with chemicals to extend their shelf life. Not only that but many of the nutrients are then killed through cooking and the use of fat, salt and sugar.

It’s no wonder that people in the West are so unhealthy. The chemicals and toxins found in our food are absorbed into our bodies so in order to eliminate them we need regular bowl movements. If you haven’t been eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg along with fiber the chances are that your body simply can’t eliminate all the toxins as well as it used to. Toxins can therefore build up over the years causing your colon to be blocked.

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, lethargy, constipation or gas then the chances are that you have a clogged colon. The constipation adds to the severity of the problem. The colon is blocked and can’t get rid of the toxins which leads to more constipation, a loop that is difficult to break.

You’ve got a number of options when cleansing the colon. The easiest and gentlest way is to drink plenty of water, green tea is great too. This will help flush away all the horrible stuff in your colon such as old fecal matter, mucus and half-digested food. If you have a particularly blocked colon then drinking water may not be 100% effective.

There’s other colon cleansing treatments of herbal laxatives, teas, and homeopathic remedies. You can do your colon a great favour by allowing it to rest. You can do this by drinking water, fresh juices and raw food, allowing your colon to process the old food rather than dealing with any new food.

Then there’s colon enemas. This is probably not something you should attempt at home, instead look out for a local salon which offers colonic irrigation. This is because if it’s not done correctly, the solution can be absorbed by the intestines and have catastrophic results.

When you’re colon has been cleansed then you should continue to avoid processed food such as bread and cakes and continue to include fruit, vegetables and water in your diet.



  1. Jeff says:

    Great info here, very informative. I will be back to check up on more of your posts.

  2. Mercola says:

    Colon cleansing can be a very effective in removing the toxins from your body. But there are so many people who make mistakes with colon cleansing. Some uses harsh products and they don’t know that these products can hurt their overall health. It’s better if they go with the natural way. One good example is exercising that produces large amount of sweat. It is very effective in facilitating toxin elimination.

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  4. My whole family are following a GAPS diet which is primarily aimed at cleansing the colon by populating the gut with lots of probiotics, juicing and taking bone broth soups. It really has helped our family treat a range of digestive disorders ranging from Diverticulitis to GERD. As an added bonus we have all lost weight!